Giancarlo Pucci: Prototyping the emerging future

An introductory workshop to Theory U, an MIT social innovation methodology that shows how to update the operating code in our societal systems through a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness. We will take a ride thru the three phases of the U: Sensing, Presensing and Prototyping. If you have a project or idea that you want to take to a next level here’s an opportunity.

A self-described purposeful entrepreneur. After many years of corporate life he walked out and started unleashing he’s multi-potentiality. After tapping into persistent courage he was able to shift the internal place were he was operating from, connecting with a more meaningful and intentional purpose. He is a co-author and editor of several best-selling photography books, the founder of a non profit that seeks to reconnect people with nature and a social innovation facilitator. A co-founder of the collaborative leadership and Theory-U movements in Costa Rica. He has a Master in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability.