Laurence McCahill and Carlos Saba

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After a lifelong friendship and failed traditional careers, we founded a digital agency which took us on an unexpected entrepreneurial journey. Together we built the company, then closed it when it was thriving. While it filled our pockets it no longer fed our soul, unlike our side project: The Happy Startup School, which by now was getting interest. It quickly became clear that we had a gift to share with the world that required our full attention. This is now our mission – to create a school and community that unlock the potential of purpose-driven people and their ideas.

Sebastian Castro

A native and proud Costa Rican, Sebas has dedicated his life to sharing stories of those who have the power but not the means to inspire. After leaving his beloved Costa Rica to study abroad, he worked as a reporter and producer for CNN's Adventure Report, covering over one hundred social impact stories in over 30 countries. He left CNN to launch an independent project: Subite al Chunche, which documented the journey of going by land from Costa Rica to the 2014 Brazil World Cup. The 13-episode multimedia series won several awards, including best audiovisual production of the year in its category. He recently founded Baobab Creative, a start-up that builds creative bridges between investors and entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, he contributes with What Took You So Long?, a filmmaking collective that documents underserved social impact projects. He is also in the process of bringing The Do Lectures to Costa Rica. Sebastian's mission is to share the stories of those who have the power but not the means to inspire. He lives partly in Costa Rica and partly in the rest of the world.