Am I in?

Once your application will be completed and submitted, we will contact within 24-72 hours indicating the next steps to follow.

Where and when?

The ECHO Tribe gathers yearly at Puerta a la Vida, in 2017 ECHO will be happening from June 22-25. As a community, we venture together into unknown corners of ourselves to find clarity and inspiration. Whether you’re a 25 year old entrepreneur from San Francisco or a 65 year old artist from Mexico, ECHO will ignite you.

How much does the ticket cost?

ECHO Individual Ticket costs $1,500 and the ECHO Duo Ticket costs $2,600. We can also provide you with a special payment plan in case you would like to pay in different installments.

This is a hard question, especially because we do not have a concrete answer. ECHO is designed around a system of shared values comprising people from completely different ethnicities (& nationalities), religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is this diversity what makes the experience so unique and intimate.

What does the typical attendee look like?

The ticket includes all your meals (including beer/wine with dinner), the accommodation, the transportation (ECHO bus service), all the talks, workshops and activities, the life music and performances, and a remarkable life-changing experience.

Your flight tickets or additional accommodation and travel expenses out of the event days are not included in the ticket price.

What is included in the ticket?

How can I pay my ticket?

ECHO tickets are can be paid electronically through Paypal, credit card or a bank transfer.

Please note that ECHO operates with a Costa Rican bank account, in case of international payments we’d prefer them to be handled through our Paypal account (Credit card payments permitted).

Can I cancel my ticket and be reimbursed?

The reimbursement policy will only be applied if the ECHO Team is duly informed of your cancellation before May 30th.

We will try to resell your ticket, if we are successful we will refund 80% of its original price.

Cancellations due to exceptional events or circumstances will be treated individually.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Everyone can apply for our full and partial scholarship programs. The ECHO scholarship program has been designed together with our sponsors and it is focused on funding those exceptional young local and Latin America leaders that deserve to live the experience but cannot afford the investment. These will be the main criterions followed for selection.

For more information visit the APPLY section.

What does a scholarship include?

We can offer full and partial scholarships.

Scholarships include access to the same facilities and options as individual tickets.

Our Scholars will be required to help and volunteer together with the ECHO Team during the event if needed.

How is the accommodations?

You will be sleeping in superb and comfortable “glamping” (fancy camping) accommodation. The tents will be distributed by gender, the distribution within the tents will be done randomly. In case you will be coming with your boy/girlfriend, partner or daughter/son  and you want to stay together, please inform us in advance.

All tents will be composed of 3 people

Individual outdoor showers (separated by wall or curtains) are available and located at Puerta a la Vida.

Permanent bathrooms will be located nearby the camping area and at the Rancho. 

How are the restrooms and showers?

How can I get to Puerta a la Vida?

Our ticket includes the ECHO Bus service. Buses will be leaving from San Jose Airport and Multiplaza/Escazú (San Jose city) on June 22, date of the starting of the event. The same buses will be returning to their initial points after the closing of the event on June 25.

Information about the routes is available at the APPLY section of this website

I will use my car, Is there parking available?

A parking area has been delimited for the event inside Puerta a la Vida

Is it safe?

We have amazing activities or workshops, but none of them will involve dangerous or risky situations.

ECHO is provided with a 24 hours private security service inside Puerta a la Vida. The event is well covered and insured for everything that could happen, nevertheless we do not provide with any kind of individual health insurance. A legal liability waiver will be provided upon your arrival at Puerta a la Vida for your comprehension, approval and signature.

Remember we will be in the tropical forest, is always better to keep your eyes open.

Is it child friendly?

Absolutely, we welcome childs and children no older than 12 are free entrance. In case you want to attend the event by your own and you are not 18, we will need an original signed authorization from your parents or your legal tutors.

Due to the nature of the terrain, we cannot provide with a full disability access site. Nevertheless, if this your case, please contact us and we will work our best to provide you with the best experience possible.

I have a disability, does Puerta a la Vida have accesses?

In case you have any other question not listed above, just send us an email at: